Frequently Asked Questions

Total Control Training

What class is right for me?

The Beginner Riding Clinic (Total Control BRC®) provides an introduction to the fundamentals of responsible motorcycling. It consists of 5 hours classroom instruction, 10 hours of riding instruction, and is design for participants with no motorcycle driving experience. Students are provided a motorcycle and helmet for use during the training course. Adult students with a Pennsylvania issued motorcycle learner permit and satisfactorily complete the course may receive a Pennsylvania issued motorcycle license—in lieu of skill testing requirements at a PA Driver License Center.

The Total Control 3-Wheel Riding Clinic (Total Control 3WRC®) is a hands-on, step-by-step course designed to teach experienced motorcycle or 3-wheel vehicle riders the physical and mental skills necessary to ride safely on the street. The course is conducted in one day and includes both classroom and on-cycle instruction.

Students may provide their own 3-wheel vehicle, proof of insurance and protective riding gear. Students that meet evaluation standards at the end of the course receive a completion card and their Class M license with a “9” restriction. This restriction prohibits operating a 2-wheeled motorcycle.

The Intermediate Riding Clinic (Total Control IRC®) can be taken after a student completes the BRC, or in lieu of the BRC, for more intermediate riders. It is the perfect next step for newer riders who are looking to improve their skills on their own bike as well as riders that have recently gotten back into riding after years off. This course includes both classroom and on-cycle instruction.

You will learn intermediate-level skills required to safely operate a full-sized motorcycle and understand the basic psychology of riding to help make better choices on the road.

The Advanced Riding Clinic (Total Control ARC®) is for experienced riders looking to improve their riding skills in a safe, controlled environment. The internationally acclaimed curriculum is also used extensively by government agencies and the military to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The Total Control ARC® teaches advanced riding techniques including: throttle control, vision, line selection, body position and trail braking. It also features comprehensive psychological and suspension setup instruction. This holistic approach to rider education includes physical, mental and mechanical training by highly trained instructors with world-class coaching skills.

All the classes in my area are full, may I walk in to a class to see if it is full?

You may walk into any PAMSP class and if seating is available, you register for that class in person. Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of a class to put your name on the walk-in list. Be sure to have your Class M Permit and/or Class M License with you.

What are the requirements for students under 18?

Students under 18 years of age must take and successfully complete a PennDOT-approved basic riding course before the student can receive a motorcycle license.

To be eligible to take the skill exam, the student must have a motorcycle's learner's permit for at least 6 months and have 65 hours of supervised riding. Students who have not met these requirements cannot be licensed through one of the courses.

An eligible 16 or 17 year old may take the skill exam at a PennDOT Driver License Center, or take the skill exam at the conclusion of either a Beginner Riding Clinic (BRC) or Intermediate Riding Clinic (IRC).

Students that are not yet eligible to be licensed are welcome to participate in the BRC. The hours spent in the class and on the range apply to their sixty-five hour supervised riding requirement. Upon successful completion of the course participants receive a certificate of participation.

For more information on motorcycle learners permits for 16 and 17 year olds, visit The Department of Transportation.

If I am under 18 years of age, can I take the ARC?

Yes, however 16- and 17-year-old riders must be properly licensed to operate a motorcycle. A parent and/or guardian must sign the liability waiver during the course or have it notarized prior to the course.

May I have a passenger during the course?

The only courses that allow an adult passenger are the Intermediate Riding Clinic (IRC) and Advanced Riding Clinic (ARC). The passenger and rider may not switch roles during the course.

How do I get my permit?

Motorcycle driver learner's permits are issued at your local PennDOT Driver's License Center. Motorcycle driver learner's permits are obtained by paying a $12.00 fee and passing a vision screening and motorcycle knowledge test. The learner's permit is valid for one year. A Class M Learners permit is required for all PennDOT motorcycle licensing courses. You must have a valid Class M license to participate in the ARC.

For more information on obtaining a permit and the permit process, visit The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

My motorcycle learner's permit has expired. How do I get an extension?

Your motorcycle permit must be valid throughout the entire class. Visit the Department of Transportation for more information on motorcycle learner's permits.

I lost my motorcycle learner's permit. How can I obtain another permit?

Your motorcycle permit must be valid throughout the entire class. Visit the Department of Transportation for more information on motorcycle learner's permits.

Do I need to bring my own motorcycle?

Training motorcycles are provided for the BRC only.

What should I bring to class?

For the classroom, bring your Class M permit or Class M license, a blue or black pen and a highlighter.

For the riding portion of the course, be prepared with rain gear, layers of clothing as needed, snacks and water. Remember to bring your class M permit/license to the range portion of class. If you are using your own motorcycle, you much have valid registration, insurance and inspection sticker.

What types of motorcycles are available to ride?

The program offers a variety of brands and styles for BRC students. The availability varies by site. Instructors will help students in the selection process.

May I take the BRC on a scooter?

You will be required to provide proof of current registration, insurance and inspection. Your motorcycle or scooter must be over 50cc. Scooters and motorcycles under 50cc do not require a class M and are not trained through PennDOT-approved riding courses. For more information on licensing scooters, please visit The Department of Transportation.

What should I bring with me the day of the skills test? Do I need to bring a licensed driver?

You will need to bring your valid PA Class M permit/license. You will not need to be accompanied by a driver with a motorcycle license.

If I pass the BRC, will I automatically become a licensed rider?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the BRC, your learner's permit will be stamped as a valid PA motorcycle license and the requirement for you to test at the PennDOT Driver License Exam Center is waived. The Department of Transportation will issue a motorcycle license within 120 days. You will also receive a completion card. Some insurance companies offer a reduced rate for successful completion of our BRC, you may need to provide a copy of your completion card. Contact your insurance provider for further details.

Note that minors are subject to different licensing requirements, for more information, visit the Under 18 section.

What if I fail the BRC skills test?

Your Instructor can guide you into the appropriate re-testing or additional practice class based on your skill level and needs.

If I passed the motorcycle knowledge test but failed the skills test three times, do I need to apply for another motorcycle learner's permit?

Visit the Department of Transportation for more information on motorcycle learner's permits.

If I need more practice, can I take the course more than one time?

Yes! We encourage students who wish to improve their skills to take any course more than once. More practice helps both novice and experienced riders. Motorcycling is a perishable skill. Ongoing practice and skill building are essential for safe street riding.

After I pass the course, how long does it take to receive my updated motorcycle license?

The Department of Transportation will issue a motorcycle license within 120 days of successful completion of the BRC or IRC. If you do not receive an update card for your motorcycle license by 120 days, contact the Motorcycle Safety Program.

I lost my course completion card. How do I get a replacement card?

We no longer have replacement PAMSP completion cards for course curriculums prior to 2017. If you have completed the course with the Total Control Training Inc. curriculum (provided first in 2018), you may request a replacement card by sending the following information: your name, address, phone number, email address, driver license number, date of birth, the full date and location where you took the class to:

Total Control Training
Attn: Cyndy Markle
1245 Cly Road
York Haven, PA 17370

Do I need to bring my own riding gear?

Visit our courses to see the riding gear appropriate for each course.

May I take a class more than once?

Yes. Students are encouraged to continually improve their motorcycle skills through ongoing practice and skill building.

How long does it take to receive an updated license once I pass the course?

The Department of Transportation will issue a motorcycle license within 120 days of successful completion of a course. If you do not receive your updated license, please contact the Motorcycle Safety Program.

Can I take a class without registering first (as a walk-in)?

It depends. As you may know, Motorcycle Safety Training is FREE in Pennsylvania. This is great for you, the motorcyclist; but it causes all kinds of havoc for us. Because motorcycle riders in PA haven't paid any tuition before coming to class, they sometimes "blow off the class" and fail to show up. They have taken the spot of another person and we are left with an empty seat. You can fill that empty seat by calling the program and finding out when and where to show up as a walk-in for the class you want which is full. Call 888.601.0613.

First, to attend a class, you must already have a PA Motorcycle License or Permit, and you must show up for your class. If you are a no show, you may not sign up again for 14 days. If you want to get in a class immediately and your chosen class is full, you may call the number above and sign up as an alternate or you may just come as a walk-in. Two alternates are signed up and get the first two positions left by no shows. Walk-ins don't sign up but just get information on the class - where and when it is and what they need to take to the class. To be a walk-in, you must show up for the first session of the class. If there are no shows, you're in luck. It's good to show up early and get to the head of the walk-in line.